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Content as Commerce

Dan Frommer is onto something. Great content about cool stuff that includes a way to buy it is the new, new media. The Old Skool way to flipping through beautiful magazines featuring luscious ads has been slowly dying. The Internet spawned this e-commerce mind set that we just need to click on something and its ours. But many ecommerce sites have been nothing short of hideous looking or inventing new ways to make purchasing complicated.

There’s a reason that simplicity and good design are valued in the online world.


Fab’s email is more than an advertisement of its flash sales, which include discounts on cool, design-y gadgets, housewares, clothing, art, etc. It’s also a beautiful piece of content delivered to me every day for free: A newsletter full of pretty photos of cool stuff, with a simple, clean layout. Of the dozens of emails that appear in my inbox in the morning, it’s one of the few that I actually enjoy opening and reading.

I agree. So check out which is still in member-only mode. The link I’m posting is part of Fab’s attempt to entice all of us culture mavens to build the buzz so buzz away.



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