Norwalk Police Seize $832k In Drug Bust

Not many details in this breaking story, but in an ongoing drug investigation, the Norwalk Police department has seized $832k. This just might be the largest cash seizure in a the past 10 years for the NPD. They even supplied a picture.

From the press release:

The Norwalk Police Department Special Services Division seized approximately $832,000 in cash as a result of a drug interdiction operation within the City of Norwalk today, February 1, 2010.

During the operation fully uniformed officers were supported by plain clothes officers, all of whom are assigned to the Special Services Division according to Lieutenant Thomas Mattera, Commanding Officer of the Special Services Division.

Lead Investigators for this case are Detective Sal Calise and Officer Frank Reda with K-9 partner, PSD Kahn.

As this is an on going investigation no further information will be released at this time.

Norwalk Police photo 02-01-2010



    I looked for a press release from the dept and found nothing.
    So far, you and channel 8 used it first. Maybe the others are waiting for more info, like who got busted, how, and where. The HOUR just listed a story, with very little more information. They say nobody was arrested and this has nothing to do with the Sandalo arrest last week. Hard to believe they took that much away from somebody and there was no one arrested. The police called it a drug interdiction, but, so far, it sounds like only a money interdiction and we all know there has to be more to the story.

    • turfgrrl

      Old Timer: The NPD are not releasing arrest info or anything else. The investigation is ongoing, so that’s why the info is minimal. I expect further info when the investigation reaches it’s intended target. I’ll post as soon as I know anything.

  2. Secondhand Rose

    I know it’s not the right story, but does anyone know whether Scott Merrill was actually evicted today? The papers aren’t saying much other than today was the day the eviction was to have taken place.


    Hour story has been updated. He is charged with criminal trespass, after staying there for a year after somebody else bought the place, without paying a cent to the new owner. Apparently, he refused to leave after being ordered out by the State Marshal and that refusal makes it criminal trespass. The hour has a video. The sound is not great, but he says, among other things, he is running for governor. The judge should get a shrink to check him out.

  4. Secondhand Roger

    I like this dude. He might be a little off but something about him screams cool….. maybe it’s the hat? And that he stood up to Johnny Law to the end. Like an old eastwood movie. He’ll get my vote!


    Stamford just approved a new police chief named Nivakoff. Isn’t he former Norwalk Deputy Chief Arway’s brother ? Wasn’t their father also a police officer ?