Norwalk Court’s All-Female Prosecutor Team

With the appointment of Suzanne Vieux as lead prosecutor, the Norwalk courthouse is officially an all-female team. From The Advocate:

Cohen’s decision to appoint Vieux to lead the office has created the only chief state’s attorneys office in the state that is all-female.

The office’s five prosecutors, including Tiffany Lockshier, who returns from maternity leave today, are Donna Krusinski, Mary SanAngelo, Nichol Peco and Justina Moore.

Vieux, who came into the Norwalk courthouse eight years ago as a deputy assistant state’s attorney, said she was excited to have the opportunity to lead the office Robert Hall helmed for 28 years before his retirement at the end of June.

“I am excited for the opportunity. I appreciate the confidence Mr. Cohen has shown in me by appointing me to the position,” Vieux said.

source: Advocate, Vieux appointed Norwalk’s lead prosecutor, By John Nickerson 8/9/2009


  1. Longtimelurker

    I hope that the new prosecutors keep an open mind when dealing with cases. It seems the Norwalk Police- or the one we dealt with- do noty.
    I was recently assaulted by an intoxicated man, near the Norwalk Emergency Shelter, and ended up being charged. He was wearing a bracelet of mine and finally returned it.He said he could get me an identical one for five bucks in Stamford, but that he had to pay $100 for it. I examined it and it truly was mine. (He had held it for months, saying he could not find it among his belongings at the Norwalk Emergency Shelter.) He had previously asked a male client for a dollar for a beer, and asked me and D for a dollar as well. I thanked him for finally returning my bracelet after so many months. It was not worth much- was bought in a second hand store in PA over 10 years ago.

  2. Longtimelurker

    Without warning, he became enraged and threatening. He lifted his cane above his head (I was sitting on the curb with a friend) and said "I am going to crack your skull and kill you!" (his exact words) He brought the cane down forcefully; I was lucky to dodge it or I would probably have sustained traumatic brain injury. He whaled on me more with the cane, then struck my thigh with so much force, the next morning one could see the outline of the circle the cane made, in red, surrounded by a huge bruise.

  3. Longtimelurker

    He (X)then turned toward my friend D. I had handed the bracelet to D as X had made a grab for my purse(s) (one inside the other) and had broken a bracelet I was wearing. My friend D, also disabled as X is said to be, tossed the bracelet into a fenced off area as X was getting ready to slam D on the knees with his cane.

    X returned his attention to my purse and grabbed the interior one- just bought for my by a friend H. He broke the handles then grabbed for the exterior- HOBO bag (guaranteed not to rip for 30 years.) D and I worked desperatedly to pry his fingers off of my purse, but X seemed to have the strength of 10 men and would NOT let go.

  4. Longtimelurker

    X slipped and banged his elbows on the concrete. He held on to my purses with one hand, and rubbed the blood from his elbow on my arm, saying "How do you like that?" (his exact words.) (Previously, X told me he has Hep B and C). (Never have I had any kind of conflict with X in the past- I considered him a friend.) His actions shocked and terrorized me. It appeared completely out of character. X had asked a friend, then me and D, for a dollar for a beer. He said he was broke. Anyway, he continued to pull on the Hobo bag and ripped one side. He was screaming "robbery robbery assault on disabled man they stole $30 and my cellphone!"

  5. Longtimelurker

    X finally let go and went inside of the Shelter to call the Norwalk Police. D and I sat on the curb, dumbfounded and shocked. I felt terror. Both X and D are disabled, and I suffer from depression,panic and PTSD (but am not disabled.)

    When the police arrived, I felt initial relief. However, it became apparent that they had taken X's side already. X was given a form on which to make a complaint. D and I were handcuffed and put in separate vehicles. Our versions were not solicited. Once in the squad car, the officer talked to X and came over to me and said " X says if you give him hi $20.00 back, he will not press charges." I told the officer I had $20.00 but that it did not belong to X. So X proceeded to write his complaint.

  6. Longtimelurker

    The officer got in the car just as my cell phone, bought by "Harry" was ringing. He asked if the phone belonged to X. I said no, that the person who was calling was "Harry"- the man who had purchased the phone for me several weeks ago. I suggested to the officer that he might like to answer the phone and verify for himself its origins. He did not reply.

    Once at the station, we were processed. When I tried to tell my side of the story, i was told I would have to spend the night in the police station if I did not discontinue speaking. Meanwhile, the officers were going through a book listing crimes and discussing which ones to add. I'd initially been told it appeared a larceny had taken place. Robbery, assault and conspiracy were added on. However,we were let go PTA, so some clients at the shelter perceived us as "snitches."

  7. Longtimelurker

    At the station, I asked to use the toilet. A female officer took me to a holding cell with a metal toilet. No toilet paper was there. I asked her for paper, or a reasonable facsimile of, and she said "Just go." This was disgusting.
    Talking to the officers, I asked one why we were not read our rights- after all, I was questioned about X's money and about the phone. I was told "THAT ONLY HAPPENS ON TELEVISION." Finally, we were let go. The next AM I had a huge bruise on my thigh, with a red circle matching the end of the cane in the center. The Norwalk Clinic sent me to the Norwalk Police station to report I had been assaulted and to have pictures taken. A very nice female officer took pictures.
    Now, the incident involving X,D and I had occurred Sunday evening. The bruise manifested itself Monday Morning.

  8. Longtimelurker

    Monday afternoon D and I went to the Norwalk Station and asked for our Statements to be taken. An officer at the window told us it was extremely important that we do so. We waited from about 3 until 5:30 or so- the officer who would take the statements was busy with a lineup and then with an auto accident. D and I had to get back to the Norwalk Shelter. The officer urged us to stay longer or to come back after dinner if possible.
    Instead, we returned Tuesday around 3, when the arresting officer was said to be present. We waited. Something had changed drastically. Now OUR STATEMENTS WERE NOT WANTED. The officer said he had given us a break with the PTA, but, "when I see you around town, things will be very different the next time."

  9. Longtimelurker

    Both D and I perceived that as a threat, and were very troubled and anxious. Why did they beg us to give statements Monday and deny us the right to do so on Tuesday? Also, on Tuesday I asked the officer for a copy of the pictures taken of my thigh- the female officer had said I could get a copy for a dollar. I was denied a copy of the pictures, and the officer appeared angry that pictures had been taken. He asked why I had not told him about the bruising on Sunday night- I told him the bruise showed up Monday. He was NOT happy with us and said the matter would be decided in court and as far as he was concerned, that we had "assaulted a disabled man." I never had a chance to tell him that X had threatened my life, had tried to "crack my skull and kill me" then had inflicted other injuries including smearing tainted blood on my arm, breaking a bracelet and 2 purses.

  10. Longtimelurker

    Later in the week D and I wrote up a complaint for Internal Affairs of Norwalk Police. We brought it over to the station, asking for the officer in charge of Internal Affairs. Rather than connect us with this officer, a very pleasant Sargeant told us that he wanted us to meet with the Police- including the arresting officer- Saturday at 3PM. Meanwhile, X was saying we had stolen $100.00 from him! (D and my money amounted to 20 for me and 6 for D- there was no money stolen from X).
    D and I arrived at the appointed time. The Sargeant- very polite- said to come back closer to 4-4:30. We did so. We were then told that there would be no meeting and that our statements would not be taken. Apparently he had been over-ruled. I am still not sure why they did not want to know what we had to say. They kept a copy of the complaint, though I doubt it went to Internal Affairs.

  11. Longtimelurker

    Please forgive the length of these comments. I am not from Norwalk nor is D. I'm from Gettysburg PA and D is from NYC. D,X and I are all "residents" of the Norwalk Emergency Shelter.

    How do D and I have our voices heard in a nonbiased forum? We did not commit any of the crimes we were charged with.I had been applying for jobs and now cannot with the court case as it seems everyone reads the police log and 4 Merritt Street is a deterrant in itself. Both D and I were appointed Public Defenders. Until our next court date in September, WHAT DO WE DO TO ASSURE THAT OUR RIGHTS ARE UPHELD AND OUR STATEMENTS ARE TAKEN? PLEASE ADVISE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.