Connecticut Drivers Near Worst In Nation

Ah the beauty of standardized tests. The Advocate reports that Connecticut ranked 42 out of 50. But don’t worry, New Yorkers ranked last, and Massachusetts drivers ranked 45th.

You too can take the test. I did. While talking on the phone no less, I scored a 100%. If I only I took the test while driving and talking on the phone, maybe then I could lower my score to the CT average of 74.4%. How did you do?

On a side note, GMAC, is the financial products arm of GM. That is the car manufacturer teetering near bankruptcy, largely because of years of poor management. How poor? This past Thursday the Treasury Department said it will invest another $7.5 billion and convert an existing loan to GM into a one-third stake in GMAC. Add that to the initial $5 billion in TARP funds last December and you get $12.5 billion. Pretty sizable in comparing who got what.

But here’s another underreported story. There are banks that have been busy replaying TARP money back to the government. Most of them small banks.


  1. Talk about arbitrary

    I doubt the test measures one’s driving ability, rather it tests one’s knowledge and ability to take tests.

  2. Old Timer

    Sounds like he/she doesn’t have much faith in TG’s driving ability. I suspect the statistics are based on dollar value of insurance claims, not on driver skills. In this area, there are a lot of relatively new well insured, luxury cars that get repaired immediately after a minor accident and a repair for barely visible damage easily gets into the four figure range. Compare that with regions where the most common vehicles are basic pickup trucks with a few years experience and no collision insurance. The figures will be misleading, at best.

  3. Secondhand Rose

    Massachusetts ranked 45th? Wow, Mass. drivers are probably the worst I’ve ever experienced!! New York drivers will speed all over the place but Mass. drivers are expert at cutting other drivers off without so much as a signal or hand wave.