Norwalk: Mayoral Race

Tossing a hat into the ring of the upcoming mayoral race has been an ongoing shadow box. The current mayor, Richard Moccia, weary of what he terms “personal attacks” is forming an exploratory committee. The current Common Council President Michael Coffey suggests that he will form a exploratory committee too. Despite the rumors, Democratic Town Chair Galen Wells says nobody has told her that they are running. All this from today’s Norwalk Advocate article on someone who is running, Wilson Point resident, Scott Merrell.

Merrell is no stranger to running for office, last year he tried for Governor, the year before for the Senate. This time, he’s figured out that he might need a political party to give the campaign legs. From the article:

Scott Merrell, a homeowner in the Wilson Point section, is collecting signatures to start a new Independent Party in Norwalk and expects to finish by the week’s end.When he’s done, Merrell said, he will collect signatures to run for mayor in November as a petition candidate. He wants a full slate of Independent Party candidates running for Common Council.

Merrell, 50, who has no political experience besides an unsuccessful bid to petition his way onto last year’s gubernatorial ballot, said the two-party system is failing.

Norwalk is probably ready for another go at a third party. The Norwalk Democratic Council members, as Will Rogers so famously said, are not part of any organized party. The Norwalk Republican members would likely be happier if they could lose the war stigma the Republican commander in chief has painted them with. It’s not often that national politics will play a role in the race to solve the community pot holes, parking and property taxes that drive the kitchen table debates, but a military confrontation with Iran, on top of Iraq and Afghanistan will have a sobering effect on who can drum up what volunteers. So maybe Merrell has got the right idea at the right time. And maybe some cagey area politicians will recognize the path that Joe Lieberman showed tis past fall, forget the party and vote for the person. In that scenario, Merrell might just find himself a slate of candidates.


  1. anonymous

    ha ha. The dems and pubs are both going have a hard time fielding candidates. Merrell will easily fill a slate.

    Who will the pubs dust off ? Rollo Giannini or Richard Bonenfant. A newcomer, Andy Mattiello.

    Who will the dems dust off ? Peter Wien or Bill Wrenn.
    A newcomer, David Watts.

    Please spare me.

    Merrell would be an improvement over all of them.
    I supported him for governor and senator, and he is a great candidate.

    Go to to see a real party.

  2. anonymous

    Just asking: which norwalk common council member’s wife was recently arrested for striking an elderly pedestrian that almost died as a result of her incompetent driving ?????

  3. jed722

    Please. Let’s see if Merrel can get his party partition filled. No one will defect from either the Republicans or the Democrats to run on some crazy third party line.

  4. anonymous

    I beg to differ with CTLAWYER. Dick has not done anything since he has been in office. No initiatives, no progress, and nothing of any real significance.
    His grants person has not been delivering, he refuses to give the police a fair contract, he wants to hire Art Sciallabba, and he is condoning racism in the fire department. Other than all of that, he is doing a great job.

  5. jed722

    The Moccia administration has no vision and proposed no initiatives. It’s content to sit back and do nothing. We’ve seen this before under Esposito. We can’t stand for more of the same.

  6. indiga

    I keep hearing these rumors of wife abuse by our Mayor Moccia. And what about the rumor that he was thrown out of his current girlfriend’s apartment around Thanksgiving and is living at the Norwalk Inn? Poor guy. No wonder his appointments have been mostly men. He does have a reputation with the ladies…friend of mine used to party with him and…well, no…save that for another day. I’d rather have a boozer and a partier in City Hall than an uptight, micromanager any day. Doom and gloom in CIty Hall in the Knopp era is right.

  7. anonymous

    The Knopp era. How about a coverup with regards to racial discrimination that photo op knopp orchestrated in the fire department. How about a coverup with regards to the current democratic leader relative’s business and a 16 year old youth in the city’s summer youth program and tales of pornography that photo op knopp covered up. There are documents that show this photo op knopp cover up as clear as day. I am sure they will all come out when photo op knopp runs his last campaign ever this year.

  8. anonymous

    Odd for election, based upon current Las Vegas Odds:

    Moccia: 3-1 (Has not done enough to anger the public, still in his honeymoon phase, and taxes have not gone up under his watch, also he is not Knopp, which is saying alot, or rather enough to win a second term).

    Krummel: 10-1 (Octogenarian is a little crazy, but seems to have a following, appears to be the hand picked favorite of Galen Wells, unfortunately it is the people that feel using the term “ghetto” is in vogue, also wife is a liability, she ran on a platform of giving back to our oppressed prisoners who are currently incarcerated).

    Coffey: 15-1 (Council President is too much of a maverick to be the party choice, support for Lieberman hurts in liberal circles,would be toughest opponent for Moccia, rumor is wont give up law practice)

    Knopp: 35-1 (Firefighter racism cover up, Wells/Pagano Seafood racism coverup, crossing Wal-Mart picket line, failure to negotiate with firefighters, tyrannical attitude, need we say more).

    Merrell: 50-1 (crazy, lunatic, has money, maybe is a spoiler)

    Hempstead: 75-1 (if Moccia cannot run, he will get the nod)

    Wrenn: 500-1 (crazy, lunatic, tree hugger, not in this lifetime, the mention of his name must be a bad joke)

  9. anonymous

    Sorry, but that is the first time I have heard Duff’s name with regard to Mayor. I think many of the other candidates are well qualified to run, and have served in municipal elections. Duff has not. As residents have seen from photo op knopp, picking someone from Hartford just does not work in the city. As a legislator the Senator does not manage people, has not passed one piece of significant piece of legislation, does not work with the Democratic party, and is not in tune with the day to day operations of the city. It is well known that he does not want to run for this, but here goes:

    Duff: 25-1 (his seat in Hartford is secure, so why would he want to enter the cauldron of Democratic city politics, if he enters the race his odds go to 9-1)

  10. anonymous

    I think there are several other potential candidates:

    Gail Wall: 500-1 (LOL, she has a better chance of being the mayor of New Orleans than of Norwalk, some people think she might be better off returning there, has single handedly hurt histroice preservation in Norwalk, although a patron saint of the hysterical society, a purportedly registered republican although she was at my Republican Town Committee meeting this month along with other hysterical Joanne Jackson, maybe she will try to primary Dick )

    Betsy Bain: 500-1 (another LOL, heckuva nice person, unfortunately lives in another city:Rowayton, and just does not connect with the average person in town, also has not done much lately and name recognition is waning unless its with the older generation)

  11. jed722

    True Bob Duff does not want to run for mayor. He’s got his eyes on running for Congress, and would make an excellent congressman.

  12. anonymous

    Hey Jed722 hate to burst your bubble, if Diane Farrell can’t win Bob Duff sure has a long way to go. She at least accfomplished real things in Westport, where I live. Please tell me what he has done, other than issue press releases? The Home Depot recovery of .23 cents per resident. Wow. I think he has a long way to go, and his Super 7 legislation is DOA. I think there are at least 10 names I could think of before his for Congress. Mr. Joselof would be a better choice. Maybe he should stay as Senator for a couple of years. He seems overly ambitious: state house 2years, state senate 2 years, now congress. I don’t think so.

  13. Anonymous

    The Norwalk Dems best chance for Mayor is starting anew. One name is newcomer David Watts. Watts is the only person who worked in the mayor’s office and worked against Moccia twice. I am sure the Common Council majority leader and Alex Knopp would be glad to support him.

    I would vote for Dave Watts for Mayor, I like his style. Is Norwalk ready for a young man to lead the city is the question? He is Yale educated and has a lot of supporters. Watts would force abnormal voting by turning out young people all over the city. A Watts- Moccia debate would seem like Kennedy verses Nixon. The Merrell factor only takes votes from Moccia.

  14. Sean

    anonymous 16, you are right about DW however, it will never happen. Galen and her buddies would never support Watts for Mayor! Dave W. would never sale his values for the nom. The DTC wants to control the mayor therefore both Coffey and Watts are out. Knopp or Krummel are in.

    If DW ran- he could beat Moccia-unlike all others named he would be the peoples Mayor. A lot of people love Dave, he is the hardest working Dem in the city. This city needs a fresh start.

  15. Sean

    I think it would be cool to have a younger mayor. Both Knopp and Moccia are not very creative. I thought Moccia was on to something with the Hybrid. However, he has failed as a Mayor and Dems are too split to take advantage. I like Mike Coffey but he is too radical to be mayor. The DTC knows that they have to go deep to the bench this year. The tea leaves suggest Knopp, Krummel or Watts gets the nom.

  16. MBB

    My husband and I often attend city hall meetings. Not because either of us enjoy politics we just truly care about the place where we live and raise our kids. I am a republican and he is a democrat but we vote for the candidate. It is so funny to me because we sometimes get the opportunity to speak with “some” of the council members and they always seem to be bad mouthing their own party members and stating that their hands are tied and the decision is made no matter what. We both walk away wondering who are they working for; themselves and their party or for the residents of Norwalk? At meetings that the mayor doe snot attend they are always against the man in charge if they are talking to a small group but then when it comes time to vote on the council floor or speak out publically it always seems that the republican puppets just vote however their party leadership tells them. It is really sad and frankly I think many Norwalkers have had it. It was the topic of conversation at our dinner party last week.

  17. Sean

    The Norwalk Hour states that Galen Wells and Bill Krummel are supporting Alex Knopp. If Alex does not run I am sure the DTC will pick Krummel which is a dream for Dick Moccia. All Moccia has to do is remind voters about the “ghetto” comment.

    The Moccia vs. Knopp III rematch will not need Don King to hype this event but I will. In the red corner wearing a tight grey suit is Dick Moccia who is a nice guy with no vision. In the blue corner wearing a tight grey suit is Alex Knopp who had too much vision however appears to be a cast member of grumpy old men. You decide!

  18. Joanne Bass

    Maybe the Democrats need new party leadership. There seems to be many issues with current democratic leadership which hold eleced positions and the town chair. You would think that Bob Duff could step in and get them to clean up their act? As for me I supported Moccia for the first time in 2005 and that was the last time! So, dems get your act together or I will be forced to vote Merrell.